Ball screw maintenance method

2020-06-23 10:06
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Good lubrication is necessary when using a ball screw. Without sufficient lubrication, the friction between the steel ball and the rolling surface will increase during operation, and it may become the main reason for the shortened life. The ball screw can be lubricated with grease or lubricating oil, and the lubrication method is roughly divided into manual lubrication and automatic forced lubrication. The suitable choice can be made according to the operating speed of the system, the use environment and other requirements. The frequency of lubricating grease varies according to the conditions of use and the environment. Generally, it is recommended to replenish the grease once every 100KM of running distance. The oil lubrication method is recommended to use lubricating oil with a viscosity of 30~150cst.

Selection basis:

1. For low temperature applications: use lubricants with low base oil viscosity.

2. For high temperature, high load or shaking, low speed applications: use a lubricant with a high base oil viscosity.