Announcement of Comprehensive Evaluation Results of Benefits per Mu in 2020

2021-09-01 11:04
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District departments, Nanmingshan Sub-district, group companies, and enterprises in the district:

According to the work requirements of the "Comprehensive Evaluation Measures for the Benefits per Mu of Industrial Enterprises in Lishui Economic and Technological Development Zone (2020-2022)" (Li Jingkai [2020] No. 77), after preliminary evaluation, solicitation of opinions, publicity, and research at the director’s office meeting, we will now The results of the evaluation results of the per mu per mu of industrial enterprises under the regulations of the park and the industrial enterprises under the regulations of more than 3 acres are announced as follows:

1. The basic situation of industrial enterprise evaluation

A total of 473 industrial enterprises participated in this evaluation, of which 241 were under the regulation and 232 were under the regulation with a land area of more than 3 mu; among the regulated industrial enterprises, 36 were in the A category, 109 were in the B category, 92 were in the C category, and 4 were not rated. ; Among the industrial enterprises with land of more than 3 mu under the regulations, there are 20 category A, 29 category B, 117 category C, and 66 category D.

2. Evaluation results of industrial enterprises

(1) Type A enterprises (36 companies)

1. Zhejiang China Resources Sanjiu Zhongyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

2. Zhejiang Weikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

3. Zhejiang Jiali (Lishui) Industrial Co., Ltd.

4. Zhejiang Liwei Fuel Pump & Nozzle Co., Ltd.

5. Zhejiang Zhongguang Electric Co., Ltd.

6. Lishui Yingte Bearing Co., Ltd.

7. Zhejiang Jingjiu Bearing Industry Co., Ltd.

8. Zhejiang Tianli Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd.

9. Zhejiang Shenglong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

10. Zhejiang PepsiCo Electric Co., Ltd.

11. Fangyuan Valve Group Lishui Co., Ltd.

12. Lishui City Jiexiang Technology Co., Ltd.

13. Zhejiang Bitai Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

14. Zhejiang Wangshi Electric Co., Ltd.

15. China National Industrial Holding Group Co., Ltd.

16. Lishui Qiangrun Electronics Co., Ltd.

17. Teer Valve High-Tech Co., Ltd.

18. Lianggong Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.

19. Zhejiang Dongou Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20. Zhejiang Founder Electric Co., Ltd.

21. Lishui Lililai Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

22. Zhejiang Xuchuan Resin Co., Ltd.

23. Zhejiang Minfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.

24. Zhejiang Huada Resin Co., Ltd.

25. Zhejiang Changfeng New Material Co., Ltd.

26. Zhejiang Xinxu Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

27. Zhejiang Heli Leather Industry Co., Ltd.

28. Zhejiang Tianlun Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

29. Zhejiang Taide New Material Co., Ltd.

30. Lishui Hongjia Concrete Co., Ltd.

31. Shanghai Hero Golden Pen Factory Lishui Co., Ltd.

32. Zhejiang Lishui Jiacheng Concrete Co., Ltd.

33. Lishui Jintang Construction Installation Technology Co., Ltd.

34. Zhejiang Jinlisheng Housing Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

35. Zhejiang Lishui Youbang New Material Co., Ltd.

36. Zhejiang Boju New Material Co., Ltd.

(2) Type B enterprises (109 companies)

1. Zhejiang Wuyangtang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

2. Zhejiang Baishanzu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

3. Yanteng Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

4. Lishui Jinzheng Motor Technology Co., Ltd.

5. Lishui Jingrui Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

6. Zhejiang Kunai Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Zhejiang Maopai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

8. Lishui Wangong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

9. Yanfeng Adorto Fund Motor Co., Ltd.

10. Lishui Jianchuan Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

11. Zhejiang Scot Technology Co., Ltd.

12. Lishui Hongyu Valve Co., Ltd.

13. Zhejiang Ailong Electric Co., Ltd.

14. Zhejiang Youtai Electric Co., Ltd.

15. Zhejiang Ouyi Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

16. Zhejiang Kunyijia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

17. Zhejiang Zhongneng Electric Co., Ltd.

18. Zhejiang Shuangliang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

19. Zhongcheng Valve Group Co., Ltd.

20. Zhejiang Zhengxiang Electroplating Fine Decoration Co., Ltd.

21. Zhejiang Taikang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

22. Zhejiang Jinbo Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

23. Zhejiang Warwick Section Steel Technology Co., Ltd.

24. Lishui Anbo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

25. Zhejiang Honghuo Electric Co., Ltd.

26. Zhejiang InBev Electric Co., Ltd.

27. Zhejiang Shalong Electric Co., Ltd.

28. Zhejiang Outlake Technology Co., Ltd.

29. Zhejiang Good Complete Equipment Co., Ltd.

30. Zhejiang Kezhong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

31. Zhejiang Happy Tree Shock Absorber Co., Ltd.

32. Zhejiang Tieba Precision Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

33. Lishui Xinyi Unidirectional Gear Co., Ltd.

34. Zhejiang Haoxing Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

35. Zhejiang Moenda Valve Co., Ltd.

36. Power Construction Valve Lishui Co., Ltd.

37. Zhejiang Weikente Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.

38. Zhejiang Zhonggui Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

39. Lurens Electric Co., Ltd.

40. Zhejiang Bangfeili Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

41. Zhejiang Sanlian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

42. Lishui Nanming Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.

43. Zhejiang Deming Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

44. Zhejiang Ruili Special Fastener Co., Ltd.

45. Zhongbo Valve Group Co., Ltd.

46. Lishui Jintai Transformer Parts Processing Co., Ltd.

47. Zhejiang Yonggu Transmission and Distribution Equipment Co., Ltd.

48. Lishui Nancheng Metal Products Co., Ltd.

49. Zhejiang Dongsheng Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd.

50. Zhejiang Hongli Lock Industry Co., Ltd.

51. Lishui Fansheng Fastener Co., Ltd.

52.Lishui Jinzheng Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.?

53. Zhejiang Shengfeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

54. Lishui Aosheng Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

55. Lishui Yida Valve Co., Ltd.

56. Zhejiang Benke Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

57. Lishui Liangong Valve Co., Ltd.

58. Lishui Yuanzhi Metal Co., Ltd.

59. Lishui Yishang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.

60. Zhejiang Haohui Brake System Co., Ltd.

61. Puxiao Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

62. Zhejiang Tianyu Section Steel Technology Co., Ltd.

63. Zhejiang Fangde Robot System Technology Co., Ltd.

64. Zhejiang Jiuchen Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

65. Lishui Tianli Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

66. Zhejiang Mingtai Valve Co., Ltd.

67. Zhejiang Daoyi New Material Co., Ltd.

68. Lishui Xingbang Leather Plastic Co., Ltd.

69. Zhejiang Kailun Special Material Co., Ltd.

70. Zhejiang Haofeng Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

71. Lishui Yongdong Cloth Industry Co., Ltd.

72. Zhejiang Lima Leather Industry Co., Ltd.

73. Zhejiang Demei Boshida Polymer Material Co., Ltd.

74. Zhejiang Lishui Herun Leather Decoration Co., Ltd.

75. Zhejiang Dafeng Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

76. Lishui Julong Leather Decoration Co., Ltd.

77. Lishui Bindi Fabric Co., Ltd.

78. Zhejiang Yongfa Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

79. Lishui Fuxingkang Cloth Industry Co., Ltd.

80. Zhejiang Xinbang Industrial Co., Ltd.

81. Zhejiang New Times Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

82. Lishui Chaoyang Leather Industry Co., Ltd.

83. Lishui Kaimet Leather Decoration Co., Ltd.

84. Lishui Xinlong Leather Decoration Co., Ltd.

85. Lishui Hefeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

86. Lishui Lifeng Cloth Industry Co., Ltd.

87. Lishui Lihao Leather Plastic Co., Ltd.

88. Zhejiang Hao Deng Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

89. Zhejiang Jiruitong New Material Co., Ltd.

90. Lishui Nanping Leather Fabric Co., Ltd.

91. Zhejiang Dabang Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

92. Zhejiang Jiake New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

93. Lishui City New Times Education Printing Co., Ltd.

94. Zhejiang Ruili Electric Co., Ltd.

95. Zhejiang Yuanwang Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

96. Lishui Youfu Knitting Co., Ltd.

97. Zhejiang Kanglong Steel Industry Co., Ltd.

98. Lishui Hecheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

99. Zhejiang Kesk High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

100. Zhejiang Wenqi Pen Industry Co., Ltd.

101. Zhejiang Wenfeng Technology Co., Ltd.

102. Zhejiang Shunhu Debang Paint Co., Ltd.

103. Zhejiang Shenmei Acrylic Co., Ltd.

104. Lishui Baofu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

105. Zhejiang Kangjia Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

106. Lishui Changrong Aluminum Co., Ltd.

107. Zhejiang Dingtai Outdoor Leisure Products Co., Ltd.

108. Lishui Longyi Glass Co., Ltd.

109. Zhejiang Yutai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

(3) Type C enterprises (92 companies)

1. Zhejiang Benifite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

2. Zhejiang Daishi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

3. Lishui Rifeng Electric Co., Ltd.

4. Chaoda Valve Group Lishui Co., Ltd.

5. Lishui Changxin Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

6. Gaodian Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Zhejiang Huaxing Motor Co., Ltd.

8. Zhejiang Brother Star Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

9. Zhejiang Yongji Electric Co., Ltd.

10. Jinshanmen Technology Co., Ltd.

11. Zhejiang Huachen Valve Co., Ltd.

12. Zhejiang Yuanyi Technology Co., Ltd.

13. Zhejiang Tiante Valve Co., Ltd.

14. Huabo Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

15. Zhejiang Siqiang Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

16. Zhejiang Tianyu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

17. Zhejiang Zhuoqiu Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

18. Zhejiang Shangfan Technology Development Co., Ltd.

19. Zhejiang Elux Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

20. Zhejiang Aolin Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

21. Zhejiang Ruiyi Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

22. Zhejiang Well Bearing Industry Co., Ltd.

23. Zhejiang Zhengnuo Machinery Co., Ltd.

24. Zhejiang Delia Automation Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

25. Zhejiang Xi'anji Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

26. Zhejiang Ruibo Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

27. Zhejiang Fuaiqi Hardware Co., Ltd.

28. Lishui Changda Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

29. Lishui Gide Industrial Co., Ltd.

30. Zhejiang Liou Steel Processing Co., Ltd.

31. Tianfu Technology (Lishui) Co., Ltd.

32. Zhejiang Zhongming Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

33. Victor Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

34. Zhejiang Aosheng Electric Co., Ltd.

35. Zhejiang Wearing Technology Co., Ltd.

36. Zhejiang Wanzhao Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

37. Zhejiang Qiangda Industrial Co., Ltd.

38. Zhejiang Liwei Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

39. Zhejiang Kaijun Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd.

40. Lishui Ruibiao Auto & Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd.

41. Zhejiang Zhenhang Filtration Technology Co., Ltd.

42. Zhejiang Xuantian Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

43. Zhejiang Gaojing Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

44. Lishui Xinli Steel Structure Material Co., Ltd.

45. Lishui City Yilida Metal Products Co., Ltd.

46. Zhejiang Green Valley Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

47. Zhejiang Dali Industrial Co., Ltd.

48. Lishui Shengao New Material Co., Ltd.

49. Zhejiang Jinchao Industrial Co., Ltd.

50. Zhejiang Libang Leather Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

51. Zhejiang Jingchuang Microfiber Technology Co., Ltd.

52. Lishui Baolifeng Leather Decoration Co., Ltd.

53. Lishui Jibao Shoes Material Co., Ltd.

54. Zhejiang Tianlun Super Fiber Co., Ltd.

55. Lishui Jinxu Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

56. Zhejiang Mengshutan New Material Co., Ltd.

57. Lishui Chuangyi Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

58. Zhejiang Naihe Industrial Co., Ltd.

59. Lishui Juli Leather Decoration Co., Ltd.

60. Lishui Jufeng New Material Co., Ltd.

61. Lishui Jihua Industrial Co., Ltd.

62. Lishui Juxin Technology Co., Ltd.

63. Zhejiang Parkson Prefabricated Construction Co., Ltd.

64. Lishui Yida Technology Co., Ltd.

65. Zhejiang Zhongheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

66. Zhejiang Jishun Plant Technology Co., Ltd.

67. Lishui Huate Strip Steel Co., Ltd.

68. Zhejiang Guanghui Stationery Co., Ltd.

69. Zhejiang Xintuo Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

70. Zhejiang Jiangnan Jingjie Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

71. Lishui Yunfeng Sponge Products Co., Ltd.

72. Lishui Hangming Technology Co., Ltd.

73. Zhejiang Xiliqi Technology Co., Ltd.

74. Zhejiang Yili Metal Material Co., Ltd.

75. Zhejiang Tuomei Packaging Co., Ltd.

76. Lishui Libo Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

77. Zhejiang Fengming Industrial Co., Ltd.

78. Lishui Boyao Special Glass Co., Ltd.

79. Lishui City Lvshengyuan Feed Co., Ltd.

80. Zhejiang Hongma Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

81. Zhejiang Hongyuan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

82. Lishui Shengxiang Renewable Resources Utilization Co., Ltd.

83. Lishui Kanglong Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

84. Lishui Senyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

85. Lishui Yunmitai Industrial Co., Ltd.

86. Zhejiang Boyu Optical Co., Ltd.

87. Lishui Hengshun Chemical Co., Ltd.

88. Zhejiang Grizzly Material Technology Co., Ltd.

89. Lishui Zhongtong Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

90. Zhejiang Xindahong Packaging Co., Ltd.

91. Zhejiang Fulaisen Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

92. Lishui Zhongwei Shoes Industry Co., Ltd.

(4) Unrated companies (4 companies)

1. Lishui Hangli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

2. Lishui Wangneng Environmental Energy Co., Ltd.

3. Zhejiang Shaangu Energy Development Co., Ltd.

3. Zhejiang Heneng Environmental Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd.

3. Evaluation results of industrial enterprises with a land area of more than 3 mu

(1) Type A enterprises (20 companies)

1. Lishui Yunfu Pen Industry Co., Ltd.

2. Lishui Best Bearing Co., Ltd.

3. Lishui Qihang Flash Electronics Co., Ltd.

4. Lishui Hongyu Bearing Co., Ltd.

5. Zhejiang Lishui Boles Technology Co., Ltd.

6. Lishui Hengxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

7. Zhejiang Hengjiu Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

8. Zhejiang Daxie Stationery Gift Co., Ltd.

9. Lishui Oudejue Home Sliding Door Co., Ltd.

10. Zhejiang Xingchen Communication Engineering Co., Ltd.

11. Lishui Shengyuan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

12. Zhejiang Hengxin Jiye Glasses Co., Ltd.

13. Lishui Ruixin Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

14. Lishui Leyin Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

15. Zhejiang Dagong Chemical Co., Ltd.

16. Lishui Youdao Metal Products Co., Ltd.

17. Zhejiang Lishui Kaida Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

18. Lishui Limin New Wall Material Factory

19. Lishui City Maruhe Moisture-proof Material Co., Ltd.

20. Lishui Sanli Adhesive Industry Co., Ltd.

(2) Type B enterprises (29 companies)

1. Lishui Xinqiang Grain Processing Co., Ltd.

2. Lishui Xinxin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

3. Zhejiang CITIC Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd.

4. Lishui City Disen Leather Development Co., Ltd.

5. Lishui Hewang Building Material Co., Ltd.

6. Lishui City Rifeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

7. Lishui City, Zhejiang Province Xinli Daily Products Co., Ltd.

8. Zhejiang Lishui Jinyi Electric Co., Ltd.

9. Lishui Changrong Electronic Appliance Factory

10. Lishui Chengsheng Household Products Co., Ltd.

11. Zhejiang Osman Technology Co., Ltd.

12. Lishui Zhongwei Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

13. Zhejiang Nuohan Power Technology Co., Ltd.

14. Zhejiang Tianlong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

15. Lishui Hongda Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

16. Lishui Mingxing Motor Co., Ltd.

17. Lishui Hengyuan Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

18. Lishui Jianaier Furniture Co., Ltd.

19. Zhejiang Lvyuan Poultry Industry Co., Ltd.

20. Zhejiang Lishui Chengtian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

21. Zhejiang Kunai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

22. Lishui Futai Leather Fabric Co., Ltd.

23. Lishui Kaisheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

24. Lishui Yincheng Clothing Co., Ltd.

25. Lishui Youlin Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

26. Lishui Xingda Electric Appliance Factory

27. Lishui Minglei Building Material Co., Ltd.

28. Lishui Huawen Furniture Co., Ltd.

29. Lishui Weiye Doors and Windows Co., Ltd.

(3) Category C enterprises (117 companies)

1. Lishui Tianshi Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Zhejiang Yisimei Electric Co., Ltd.

3. Zhejiang Kestar Automotive Motor Co., Ltd.

4. Zhejiang Ouzhe Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

5. Zhejiang Tianhai Paper Co., Ltd.

6. Zhejiang Sanda Smoking Set Co., Ltd.

7. Lishui Hengxin Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

8. Lishui Zhengda Leather Industry Co., Ltd.

9. Lishui City Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

10. Lishui Hongda Plastic Co., Ltd.

11. Lishui Nonferrous Metal Material Factory

12. Zhejiang Xiaolong Women's Shoes Co., Ltd.

13. Lishui Shijia Glasses Accessories Co., Ltd.

14. Lishui Bokai Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

15. Lishui New Times Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

16. Lishui Xingfa Door and Window Industry Co., Ltd.

17. Zhejiang Kangyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

18. Zhejiang Chengzhen Fireproof Door Co., Ltd.

19. Lishui Manka Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

20. Lishui Qijia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

21. Lishui Maijinduo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

22. Lishui Deyuan Stationery Co., Ltd.

23. Lishui Kailuolian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

24. Lishui Ruike Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

25. Lishui Caijin Printing Co., Ltd.

26. Lishui Yatong Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

27. Lishui Science and Education Color Printing Co., Ltd.

28. Lishui Chuanghui Electronics Co., Ltd.

29. Lishui City Futai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

30. Lishui Tianchujing Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

31. Zhejiang Jinsheng Bearing Co., Ltd.

32. Lishui Changfeng Pen Industry Co., Ltd.

33. Lishui City Liandu District Jinghua Handicraft Factory

34. Lishui Guangmingzhixing Pen Factory (General Partnership)

35. Zhejiang Wellton Building Materials Co., Ltd.

36. Lishui Jinxin Electric Co., Ltd.

37. Zhejiang Dalu Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

38. Zhejiang Shicheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

39. Zhejiang Benke Industrial Co., Ltd.

40. Zhejiang Dinghe Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.

41. Lishui City Hengli Bearing Co., Ltd.

42. Zhejiang Haokai HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd.

43. Zhejiang Hongtuo Industrial Co., Ltd.

44. Zhejiang Hangrui Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

45. Zhejiang Shangguan Valve Co., Ltd.

46. Zhejiang Huayi Electric Co., Ltd.

47. Zhejiang Handy Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

48. Lishui Fumode Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

49. Zhejiang Wanyang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

50. Zhejiang Longhui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

51. Lishui Chaotai Fastener Co., Ltd.

52. Zhejiang Lishui Tongan Technology Co., Ltd.

53. Zhejiang Sencheng Standard Parts Co., Ltd.

54. Lishui Kaijun Technology Development Co., Ltd.

55. Lishui Keda Bearing Co., Ltd.

56. Lishui Dingli Valve Co., Ltd.

57. Zhejiang Kete Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

58. Zhejiang Beilaikang Pregnancy Care Products Co., Ltd.

59. Zhejiang Gelianghao Furniture Co., Ltd.

60. Lishui Kangshoutang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

61. Lishui Jinfeng Information Technology Co., Ltd.

62. Zhejiang Kaxuan Furniture Co., Ltd.

63. Zhejiang Donggang Furniture Co., Ltd.

64. Lishui Xinhongji Industrial Co., Ltd.

65. Zhejiang Lishui Huanmei Chinese Medicinal Materials Co., Ltd.

66. Lishui Shengtai Storage Co., Ltd.

67. Lishui Shixin Furniture Co., Ltd.

68. Lishui Wanghe Industrial Co., Ltd.

69. Zhejiang Chaorun Lubricating Components Co., Ltd.

70. Zhejiang Shengda Transportation Electric Co., Ltd.

71. Lishui Fuqiang Door Industry Co., Ltd.

72. Lishui Huasang Furniture Co., Ltd.

73. Lishui Xinhua Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

74. Lishui City Shunheyuan Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

75. Lishui Yongshun Furniture Co., Ltd.

76. Lishui Shengao Furniture Co., Ltd.

77. Zhejiang Chuzhou Furniture Decoration Co., Ltd.

78. Lishui Kanghua Pen Making Co., Ltd.

79. Lishui City Huangmei Furniture Co., Ltd.

80. Lishui Tianhao Technology Co., Ltd.

81. Zhejiang Zhongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

82. Zhejiang Jingzuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

83. Zhejiang Hongye Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

84. Lishui Huahong Rubber Co., Ltd.

85. Lishui Guoda Valve Co., Ltd.

86. Lishui City Rongchang Industrial Co., Ltd.

87. Zhejiang Shuanggong Valve Co., Ltd.

88. Lishui Xianchun Plastic Film Bag Making Factory

89. Lishui Chizhou Leather Plastic Co., Ltd.

90. Lishui Battery Factory (General Partnership)

91. Lishui Yongan Flash Material Co., Ltd.

92. Lishui Huili Battery Isolation Board Factory (General Partnership)

93. Lishui Gemdale Nano Material Co., Ltd.

94. Zhejiang Youke Plastic Co., Ltd.

95. Lishui City Longxin Leather Decoration Co., Ltd.

96. Lishui City Pengyuan Clothing Co., Ltd.

97. Zhejiang Lishui Huafeng Technology Co., Ltd.

98. Lishui Mingri Chemical Co., Ltd.

99. Lishui Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd.

100. Lishui Hualin Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.

101. Lishui Jietai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

102. Lishui City, Zhejiang Province Lijin Fuse Tube Factory

103. Lishui Zhenan Cleaning Products Factory

104. Zhejiang Liming Furniture Co., Ltd.

105. Zhejiang Tongtai Lock Industry Co., Ltd.

106. Lishui City Fusheng Wooden Products Co., Ltd.

107. Lishui Zhengye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

108. Lishui Jiubu Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

109. Lishui Liyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

110. Lishui Chuzhou Tools Co., Ltd.

111. Lishui Jibao Industrial Co., Ltd.

112. Lishui Liguang Cast Steel Factory (General Partnership)

113. Lishui City Baofeng Wood Flour Co., Ltd.

114. Lishui Juxing Real Estate Co., Ltd.

115. Zhejiang Xuli Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

116. Zhejiang Yuantai Cloth Industry Co., Ltd.

117. Lishui Chuanghui Polymer Material Co., Ltd.

(4) Type D enterprises (66 companies)

1. Lishui Runfeng Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.

2. Lishui Yaosheng Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

3. Zhejiang Junda Instrument Co., Ltd.

4. Zhejiang Suntory Zipper Co., Ltd.

5. Zhejiang Ruide Construction Hardware Co., Ltd.

6. Zhejiang Best Hairdressing Equipment Co., Ltd.

7. Zhejiang Daqian Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.

8. Zhejiang Jingwei Shenlong Hardware Co., Ltd.

9. Lishui Maohua Electronics Co., Ltd.

10. Lishui Zhenan Glass Co., Ltd.

11. Lishui Xinchao Plastic Co., Ltd.

12. Zhejiang Hengtai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

13. Zhejiang Luoan Industrial Co., Ltd.

14. Lishui City Green Valley Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

15. Lishui Shunlei Hardware Co., Ltd.

16. Lishui Boye Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.

17. Zhejiang Gaopu Technology Development Co., Ltd.

18. Lishui Ruijing Metal Products Co., Ltd.

19. Zhejiang Senwu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

20. Zhejiang Lishui Donghua Hongtai Technology Co., Ltd.

21. Zhejiang Aifuquan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

22. Zhejiang Yongxin Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.

23. Lishui Puming Electric Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

24. Zhejiang Haotucheng Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

25. Zhejiang Hongri Automobile Electric Co., Ltd.

26. China Water Resources and Hydropower Twelfth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

27. Zhejiang Mediterranean New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

28. Zhejiang Fengming Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

29. Lishui Hongxin Jewelry Co., Ltd.

30. Lishui Shunsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.

31. Zhejiang Nisigao Furniture Co., Ltd.

32. Zhejiang Zhongjian Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

33. Zhejiang Qiancaotang Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

34. Zhejiang Yabia Furniture Co., Ltd.

35. Zhejiang Lihao Doors and Windows Co., Ltd.

36. Zhejiang Xianglong Sword Co., Ltd.

37. Zhejiang Jiatai Tableware Co., Ltd.

38. Zhejiang Huanxing Timer Co., Ltd.

39. Zhejiang Fansheng New Materials Co., Ltd.

40. Lishui Ouqiu Pump Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

41. Lishui Zhuoli Tongxiang Industrial Co., Ltd.

42. Lishui Yuanyong Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

43. Lishui Xihe Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

44. Zhejiang Zhongxin Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

45. Lishui Aizhu Jewelry Co., Ltd.

46. Zhejiang Tete Valve Co., Ltd.

47. Zhejiang Zhenhua Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

48. Zhejiang Lishui Jinerdeng Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

49. Zhejiang Jinglian Chemical Co., Ltd.

50. Zhejiang Tiansheng Precision Alloy Co., Ltd.

51. Lishui Naidong New Material Co., Ltd.

52. Zhejiang Jiarunde Standard Parts Co., Ltd.

53. Zhejiang Fengwang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

54. Zhejiang Dongzheng Leather Co., Ltd.

55. Lishui Qiushi Machinery Co., Ltd.

56. Zhejiang Guanling Textile Co., Ltd.

57. Lishui Qianyuan Tannery Co., Ltd.

58. Zhejiang Huadian Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. Lishui Company

59. Zhejiang Dali New Material Co., Ltd.

60. Lishui Haobo Whole Wood Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

61. Lishui City Samsung Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

62. Zhejiang Huadu Leather Fabric Co., Ltd.

63. Zhejiang Lishui Huake Nano Chemical Co., Ltd.

64. Lishui Cardioni Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

65. Lishui Kaihong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

66. Zhejiang Changfeng Pu'an Technology Co., Ltd.

Management Committee of Lishui Economic and Technological Development Zone

August 27, 2021