Classification of linear bearings

2022-07-15 13:47
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(1) Standard type, clearance adjusted linear bearing, open linear bearing, extended linear bearing, general linear bearing

(2) Flange type linear bearings can be divided into: round flange type, flange type, elliptical flange type, guide circle flange type, guide method flange type, guide ellipse flange type, and extended circle flange type.

According to the specification system:

It is divided into two series, namely LM and LME series Its code name LM series is used in Asia, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, South Korea, China, etc. Based on metric dimensions, the external diameter tolerance of the matched linear shaft is generally h7. LME series is mainly used in Europe, the United States, Germany, Italy and other regions. The British dimension is taken as the standard, and there are also metric dimensions. The external diameter tolerance of the matched linear shaft is generally g6. The two series of structural features are roughly the same except for different dimensions and different aperture tolerances.

By shape:

1: Straight cylinder type (the shape is like a cylinder, which is generally installed with a snap ring, and is used in the case of small installation size)

2: Flange type (there is a mounting flange at the end or in the middle, which can be installed with screws. Generally, there are three types of flanges: round, square and trimming)

3: The open shape is like a straight cylinder, with an axial slit on the surface. It is used in situations where clearance adjustment is required, and can be divided into two types: large opening and small opening)

By performance:

1: Common type (use for general performance requirements)

2: Super type (where long service life and heavy load performance are required)